In we ndef na serer waro laka serer fa e'njaka serer

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O'Fok Serer is a Charitable organization Connecting cultures through cultural exchange and helping able neighbors to bring their wares to the global marketplace, help victims of fire and flooding disaster, child education and work hard in preserving the Serer Language and social tides. We also work towards community development. We will be working in connecting Serer association by helping the formulation of their policies and assist when needed.
Our mission will be interfacing our culture with the modern world in such a way that our culture and language won't be forgotten by the younger generation.



Promoting cultural diversity

preserving the Serer Culture

teaching the serer language

Promoting and helping small start up business to have a wider audience.


Telephone: 002207772447


Whatsapp: 002207772447

We love what we do

A person without roots is like a tree without roots. We love teaching what we are and we believer no one can write out history more than us.